Puppy Imprinting

The ‘Bio Sensor’ program was developed by the US military to improve the performance of dogs used for their purposes.  This program is now known to the public as the ‘Super Dog’ program.  The military learned from years of research that early neurological stimulation could have lasting and important effects upon the dog as a puppy and adult.  There are specific time periods early in the puppy’s life when neurological stimulation has greater results.  This time period begins at the third day and lasts to the sixteenth day of life.  During this time frame it is believed that the puppy is growing rapidly neurologically.  The exercises listed below are designed to stimulate the neurological system and give a great advantage to the puppy and the adult that it will mature to be.  The daily workout requires handling each puppy and performing a series of five exercises.  The handler completes the entire series of exercises on one puppy before starting with the next.  The total time of stimulation per exercise is between 3-5 seconds.

photo-1 1. Tactile Stimulation-  While the puppy is held in one hand the handler will gently touch /tickle the puppy between the toes on one foot using a Q-tip.  It’s not necessary to see the puppy feel the tickle.
photo-2 2.  Upward Position-  Hold the puppy with both hands with it’s head straight up, so that the head is directly above the tail.
photo-3 3.  Downward Position-   Hold the puppy with both hands in a firm grip, and reverse the head so it’s pointing down (to the ground).
photo-4 4.  Supine Position-  Hold the puppy on it’s back in the palms of both hands, making sure it’s muzzle is facing up towards the sky.  The puppy is allowed to sleep struggle.
photo-5 5.  Thermal Stimulation-  Place the puppy (feet down) on a damp towel that has been refrigerated for 5 minutes.  Do not restrain the puppy from moving and do not let the puppy stay on the towel over 5 seconds.

Do not repeat these exercises more than once a day and do not extend the stimulation time, over stimulation can have adverse results.

The result of this early neurological stimulation is a puppy who is better able to handle the stress of life, both mental and physical.  It also makes for an outgoing puppy who is more eager to please its owner.  This program makes a real difference in the personality of the puppy.

Benefits of Stimulation

These five benefits listed below were observed in dogs that were exposed to the stimulation exercises.

  1. Improved Cardio Performance
  2. Stronger Heart Beats
  3. Stronger Adrenal Glands
  4. More Tolerance to Stress (being calmer and less whining)
  5. Greater Resistance to Diseases and Certain Forms of Cancer


To read the full article on the ‘Super Dog’ stimulation go to, www.breedingbetterdogs.com, by Carmen Battaglia, PhD.

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