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My husband introduced me to this joyful, happy little hound over 25 years ago. He grew up hunting his beagles, which evolved into field trials and later becoming an AKC field judge. Although, all beagles are loving and happy, they definitely do not all look the same. After owning the hunting beagle for many years, my goal was to acquire a beagle to look like the ones described by the AKC breed standard. Not only wanting a better looking hound, my children wanted a dog that would be a great, calm, loving family companion. We were blessed to purchase and finish our first show champion 10 years ago. Now we are sharing our offspring with other families who value the same thing we do in a beagle.
We live on a small farm in the middle Georgia area where we raise show quality beagles. Our beagles are inside/outside dogs that are raised by hand and are exposed and socialized to farm life and children from an early age. Our focus is to provide families with a loving, smart, healthy, happy, good quality beagle puppy that we have been so blessed to enjoy in our own home.

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